Prima Mensa, our most exclusive Extra Virgin…

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Do not miss the opportunity to taste this jewel for the palate and for health.

There are more expensive oils, but they are for the packaging, because they are collected by hand, by marketing …

In Prima Mensa there is only one reason: The Quality of the Oil

And it is not an assumption, they are facts:

Acidity, below 0.2º. Performance: below 8%. Olives: more than 100 years. Variety: Hojiblanca from a very exclusive area of the “Olivar in San Miguel” in Puente Genil (Andalusia). Production: less than 1,000 liters. System: First Press and Cold Extraction.

Prima Mensa has not invested in Marketing, it is a simple glass bottle of half a liter, which leaves all the marketing to discover its incomparable flavor, nuances, texture

Prima Mensa has not invested in advertising, all advertising is what you say after having tried it.

Prima Mensa has not invested in Awards. The best Prize is that whoever tries, love it forever.

Do you want to know the story of Prima Mensa? You can read the full description in the “Description” tab below.

A gift for you, for your family, or for your frienda, enjoy the most exclusive oil before it runs out.

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Prima Mensa, possibly the most expensive oil in the world…

Making a quality oil is no easy task.

Not even the decision to make a quality oil is easy.

Any olive farmer can decide to make oil. Normally they belong to a cooperative, which presses all of the partners’ olives together and sells 99% of its production in bulk. Who do they sell to? Large factories that mix olives of different grades; to other countries like Italy and Greece who handle the olives in the same way; etc. etc.

The courageous have their own oil press or their own brand. They produce extra virgin olive oils with an average oil yield of 20%, which means that for every 100kg of olives, they get 20kg of oil. The olives are harvested at an advanced stage of ripening to achieve the maximum yield possible.

The most courageous produce a purer extra virgin olive oil, choosing the optimum moment of ripeness to achieve an extremely high quality oil, with an average yield of 12-13%. This is the case with Arraigo, a premium olive oil with incredible flavour.

And those who cross that fine line between bravery and madness, like the farmers at San Miguel’s Olive Grove, choose to make the best extra virgin olive oil they possibly can:

  • They select olives from the best location within their olive grove.
  • They harvest the olives at the optimal stage of ripeness in terms of product quality, when the olives are en envero, just starting to change colour. This stage of ripeness only lasts a week and the oil yield is only 8%, which means they obtain almost two thirds less oil than those merely courageous oil producers…
  • They labour over the finest details of each step in the process: pressing, extraction, storage, bottling…

And on top of all that, they offer this oil to us at bulk prices.

“But why?” you may well be wondering…

Out of love. Love for their land, love for our most cherished of agricultural products, and because for four generations, they have been making oil that nobody in their own country appreciated…

That olive oil, Prima Mensa, now has a place at your table. It doesn’t come from a big supply chain, nor has it passed through 4 or 5 different factories and warehouses before being sold.

It is quite simply the purest olive juice, offered up to your kitchen by San Miguel’s Olive Grove.

We do not sell to anyone else. No supermarkets, no department stores, no retail chains…

It is for this reason that Prima Mensa is, possibly, the most expensive oil in the world and beyond being the best and purest extra virgin olive oil that can possibly be produced, there really isn’t anything else to it; not a single penny of its price is dedicated to any other pursuit.

Simple, honest and pure. From San Miguel’s Olive Grove to your table.

My thanks once again, and a thousand times more, to the farmers at San Miguel’s Olive Grove. Without your faith and love, none of this would have been possible!



Additional information

Weight3.62 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 28 cm

Less than 0.2º




Box of 4 x 500ml bottles, Bottle of 500ml

Material del envase


Recomendaciones de uso

Prima Mensa is an Olive Oil exclusively for raw use

Arraigo botella de 250ml

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