Arraigo Unfiltered, Special Edition in Glass Bottles – 500 ml – Box of 4


Arraigo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Fresh Premium Unfiltered Oil, from the New Season 2018. The oil comes from the Hojiblanca, Picual and Picuda olive varieties, harvested at the prime moment, with an oil yield of 12.9%. A blend of varieties with an unequalled flavour, fruity with a bitter, peppery edge.

By harvesting the olives when they are green, far less oil can be obtained from them, and as such it is far more expensive. However, it is the time at which they have the highest content of polyphenols, the element that is most beneficial for your health. Polyphenols are excellent for your heart, circulation and for antithrombosis. They work to prevent cancer, ageing, oxidative stress, inflammation and endothelial dysfunction. Few olive oils have the same properties as this exclusive olive oil.

Our verdict: Taste, texture and quality typical of a premium oil.

Our customers’ verdict: “Splendid, excellent, extraordinary, magnificent, delicate, elegant…a pleasure on the palate.” Eugenia

“It is seriously good, the best we have tasted, I expect to be buying it for many years to come. Congratulations for producing this marvellous oil”, Antonio

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Why buy Arraigo Unfiltered, Special Edition in Glass Bottles, a premium quality extra virgin olive oil?

Arraigo Unfiltered, Special Edition in Glass Bottles, is a premium quality olive oil on offer at the price of a normal extra virgin olive oil. What’s the difference between premium olive oil and normal olive oil? Here are the main points:

  • The olives selected are higher quality. As time goes on, olives over-ripen and start to lose their special qualities, whilst their oil yield actually continues to increase. A good extra virgin olive oil has a percentage oil yield of 18% to 20%. This means that for every 100kg of olives, the oil produced weighs in at 20kg. However, a premium oil has a percentage yield of between 11% and 12%, which means 12kg of oil for every 100kg of olives. Therefore, the quantity of oil produced is between 30% and 40% less when compared to normal olive oils. And for this reason, a premium olive oil is between 30% and 40% more expensive than a normal good olive oil.
  • Tree shaking is the only technique used to collect the olives, which is to say that the fruit has not yet fallen at the time of harvesting. Therefore, the pressed olives are far cleaner than the fruit used in other olive oils, which constitute a mix of tree-shaken olives and olives that have already fallen to the ground.
  • A premium olive oil is never produced from a mix of olives from different regions; all of the oil comes from the same farm and has the most authentic taste possible.
  • The result is an outstanding olive oil with a unique taste.

Don’t miss your opportunity to buy this Special Edition of Arraigo Unfiltered in glass bottles, exclusively available to customers at Mi Oliva Gourmet. Arraigo Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich flavour and greenish hue that are characteristic of an unfiltered, new season olive oil. It is ideal for raw use on bread, in salads or in any other dish you want to enhance with its extraordinary flavour.


Rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants, this oil is excellent for your health when incorporated into your daily diet. It is a unique oil, well-balanced and smooth on the palate while infused with slightly bitter and peppery tones. The whole process, from olive harvest to juice extraction, is completed within 24 hours, by hand or mechanical methods only.

Here are a few of our customers’ opinions:

It’s the first time I’ve bought something and been left speechless…quality, taste, smell, price. IMPRESSIVE.” Luis

This is the first time I’ve bought this oil and it certainly will not be the last. It has surprised me in every way: the colour and smell, the taste that immerses the palate with an explosion of delicious sensations when you eat it fresh on toast or in salads…Excellent customer service and delivery as agreed. My congratulations!!! Thank you,” Pedro

It’s true that the process is long and expensive, but if the result is extraordinary, as is the case here, it’s worth the effort. Well-balanced aromas, flavours and colour, complemented by the density and spiciness, this oil is an indulgence for me.
I offer my congratulations and thanks to the producers, for the love and care that they have put into the making of the product.
Tasting it is simply a delight.
I know for sure that the harvests and customers will both keep coming.
Keep up your high standards and passion for this gold from the South, because with this oil, everything that glitters really is gold…kind regards.” Aurora

PLEASE NOTE: The reviews have been transcribed from those left by the customers for the same olive oil in other bottles and sizes.

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An olive oil of extraordinary quality and intense flavour, sweet on the palate. A premium olive oil that amazes everyone who tastes it.

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