Our little group has been growing and we now have more than 500 members, all of us passionate about good Extra Virgin Olive Oil! One of the fruits of this success has been that, thanks to you all, we have secured a deal with San Miguel’s Olive Grove so that it is possible to order First Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
And that’s not all, because we have also managed to agree on a low price. That means we’ll be selling this scarce and sought-after delicacy at the same price as an olive oil that isn’t first pressed. Not bad, huh?

Thank you to everyone, we really couldn’t have done it without you!

So how do you order First Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

There are two options : with or without advance payment. Naturally, we can only guarantee First Pressed oil to the Club members who pay in advance, since those who choose this option have a 100% guarantee on their orders. For those who order without advance payment, we have agreed with San Miguel’s Olive Grove to process 50% of the orders, as we can’t risk processing lots of orders that, in the end, may go unpaid. Click on the option that interests you below. And, if you’re still not a member of the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club, you can become a member by clicking here.


Make an order with advance payment

It’s simple! Buying Arraigo First Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil online is as easy as buying it in a shop. The olive oil will be released at the end of November or at the start of December and we will keep you updated throughout the whole process. Don’t forget to use the coupon you received by email and claim your discount!

Make an order without advance payment

To make an order without advance payment, click the button below and fill in the form with the email you wish to be contacted by and the pack you prefer. Don’t forget that we can only guarantee 50% of requests with this option and that, as always, we choose requests by random selection. When the olive oil is ready, we will let you know by email 🙂

What is First Pressed or First Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

Prensa aceite de oliva

The term first pressed olive oil relates to how extra virgin olive oil was produced when the process was done by hand. An olive press was used and the olive juice extracted during the first pressing of the season was the most exquisite. What are the characteristics of first pressed olive oil today? What’s the difference between first pressed olive oil and normal olive oil? Here are the main points:

  • The olives are higher quality. As time goes on, olives over-ripen and start to lose their special qualities.
  • Tree shaking is the only technique used to collect the olives. This means the fruit has not yet fallen and comes to the olive press far cleaner than for lower quality oils, which are a mix of shaken olives and olives that have already fallen to the ground.
  • The result is an extraordinary oil, normally more greenish than golden, and in very limited supply.

This is why today you also hear the term first cold pressed and only the best olive presses can make such a special and exclusive olive oil.

What makes it so scarce and sought-after?

High-quality extra virgin olive oil in Spain is not very highly valued. Because of this, most good olive presses are not used to produce olive oil of very high quality. The best olive oil is exported and mixed with oils of far inferior quality so that the latter may be improved and sold on at a higher price. So, first pressed olive oil production is very limited and usually goes to:

  • Fine dining restaurants and gourmet shops that sell exclusive products.
  • Relatives, friends and acquaintances in the region.
  • The partners of the olive cooperative themselves.

Therefore, this first pressed or first cold pressed olive oil is very, very difficult to source and, of course, it isn’t sold to supermarkets. If you do find these terms on a supermarket label, the oil will have absolutely nothing in common with genuine first pressed olive oil; you only have to look at the price, which won’t be more than £5. It’s like finding a bottle of Spain’s legendary Vega Sicilia wine in a supermarket and, instead of costing £100, there it is, on sale for twenty quid. Something’s not quite right! 😉

So how are we selling it at such a good price?

Because we now have a lot of members and we all have a lot of passion! So, if each of our 500 members ordered 15 litres, that would be an order of 7,500 litres. But each olive pressing produces 20-25,000 litres! And yes, I thought the same as you; how little 7,500 litres is… True, but at San Miguel’s Olive Grove, they have been making oil for four generations; they feel just as bad as us when they see excellent olive oil loaded onto tanker lorries and sent off to Italy or France or some Spanish port, knowing it will end up mixed with low quality olive oil just to make it palatable 🙁

So, they have made an agreement with us and this year, it’s only for 7,500 litres, but we are sure that this will keep going up each year. One day, we hope to claim the full 350,000 litres of olive oil that is currently being bartered away in bulk…

That is our dream, and we are delighted that you can be part of it!





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