Health benefits of olive oil

Many studies have been carried out over the years to find out more about the nutritional properties of olive oil. Thanks to these, we are able to discuss the health benefits of olive oil, its role in fighting cardiovascular diseases or in preventing atherosclerosis, among others.
The healthiest type of fats are monounsaturated fats, that is, the ones found in large quantities in virgin olive oil.

Triglycerides (formed by glycerin and fatty acids) make up 98% of the components of virgin olive oil. Of all the fatty acids, oleic acids are the most common and have the most health benefits. They are a natural and common component of vegetable oils, and they have properties that help to reduce cardiovascular diseases.
These are some of the benefits for our body:

– Reduction of bad LDL cholesterol

– It reduces blood pressure

– It has a very important role in maintaining body weight

– It helps to increase white blood production

Other important components in olive oil are polyphenols, of which we have already spoken in a previous article, and tocopherols, of which Vitamin E.

Vitamin E carries out a very important role in the natural development of our bodies, and for this reason it’s involved in the processes of our immune system and metabolism.

All these components make olive oil a unique product, often referred to as “liquid gold” or “yellow gold”.

Main benefits of olive oil

Below, I will outline some of olive oil’s many benefits for our body:

It has benefits for the digestive system.

Thanks to its chemical componennts, virgin olive oil helps to reduce acidity and prevent ulcers in the stomach. Moreover, it improves the absorption of mineral nutrients, which facilitates blood flow.

It helps in tackling weight issues.

According to a study carried out by the department of Endocrinology and Nutrition of the Carlos Haya University Hospital in Malaga, olive oil is capable of regulating our metabolism and body weigiht.

Thanks to its high content of oleic acid, it is very effective in fighting obesity and fatty excesses that form in the blood after eating.

It helps to eliminate constipation

Because of its slight laxative effect and its role in improving the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, it helps with constipation.


Thanks to olive oil’s health benefits when it comes to fighting illnesses, many studies have discussed its positive role in prolonging a person’s life expectancy.

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