Would you like to try Arraigo?

Arraigo is our best rated Oil and now you can try it FOR FREE and only pay for the delivery costs!

Why do we do this?

You might be thinking that there must be a catch or that you will have to buy another product to receive the bottle as a gift…

But the truth is that I just want you to try Arraigo.

Why? Because I am sure that you will discover a completely new world of sensations and flavours like never before.

In only three steps…


Join the Club

The Mi Oliva Gourmet Club is for Lovers of great Olive Oil, the real one, with a name and a surname.

We are a big family and I want you to become a part of it!

As a member of the Club, I will tell you about the stories behind every Oil, like the story of Migue, the farmer behind Arraigo, and much more!


Receive your Coupon

Once you have joined the Club, you will receive a discount voucher to apply to your purchase, which will reduce the price to onli €1.


Apply your Voucher Code

All you have to do now is apply your voucher code when you purchase your bottle.

The price will go from €6 to €1, it is that easy.

Of course it costs us money, but it is no coincidence that 100% of the ratings for Arraigo, that is, ALL OF THEM, are 5 stars.

Simply try it and let me know what you thought!

Hello! I’m Julio!

And I want to encourage you to try Arraigo 😉

This deal will only be available for the first 200 units of the product that we have made available.

Do not miss out! Make the most of this unique opportunity to become part of this marvellous project (There are already 1500 of us in the Club!)
Step 1. Join the Club!

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