For more than 100 years, olive oil from Puente Genil has been considered one of the best olive oils in the world. From 1936, various publications of the Spanish daily newspaper ABC report a unique event, without precedent in Spanish history. In a general meeting on October 15th 1935, the National Association of Olive-Growers in Spain granted the olive oil the special title of OPTIMI OLEI EMPORIUM (market for the best olive oi).

We will give you a summary of these publications, which speak for themselves. One of the headlines reads:

Puente Genil, for its production of fine olive oils that have received awards for almost 50 years running and have the highest distinction in the Regional Fairs celebrated in Cordoba, receives the highest honour ever awarded by the National Association of Olive-Growers in Spain.

ABC, Madrid, January 14th 1936

You can read the original Spanish article here.

Optimi Olei Emporium Award - Photo from ABC daily of 1936

The journalist highlights how “The greatest praise by far is to be read in the award description: SPECIAL and UNIQUE, granted to Puente Genil by the National Association of Olive-Growers in Spain, the highest authority on olive products“. Rumours of the time held that Puente Genil received this prize so that it would no longer bother to enter competitions, which it always won!

A Threat to Puente Genil’s Olive Oil…

Now at that time, the Olive Oil sector was suffering the same problems as today. Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the world. This excess production is not properly managed, meaning that huge quantities of excellent oil are exported to countries like Italy at minimal prices, to be bottled over there. European Directives have made the situation worse, since they do not require products to bear a label that specifies “Made in Spain”, but instead “Made in Europe”. In this way, Spain loses its reputation as the world-leading producer of Olive Oil.

This problem is even worse for Puente Genil. An article from ABC in Seville, 1967, reports that Olive Oil from Puente Genil constitutes 13% of national production. At that time they were in the hands of cooperatives like Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, Olivarera Pontanense and the mills based in the hamlet of El Palomar.

Our small contribution

At Mi Oliva Gourmet, we believe that the solution to this problem is to develop value. If the Olive Oil from Puente Genil is one of the best in the world, because of its history, unique flavour and intensity, and because of the love that goes into the Puente Genil production, we have to bring it out into the open. That is our mission; it is why we are here. We want to show the world that Puente Genil’s olive oil is at the highest international level, selecting the best of the best and bringing it from the olive grove to your table. Without intermediaries. From the olive press to the home of those who truly appreciate the authentic flavour of this Spanish gold.

The only way we can end this article is by thanking you for your reviews, and an extra special thank you to those of you who leave a review for every product you try. Your reviews are the greatest international showcase of our olive oil’s value and the worth of our countryside. Thank you!