Many people ask us, “What have you got that other people don’t?” In the following few lines, we’re going to give our answer as best we can.

The Puente Genil Olive Grove

The olive oil that we bring to Mi Oliva Gourmet comes from one of the best olive groves in the world, from the Puente Genil countryside. In 1935, it received the prize for Best Olive Oil in the World (OPTIMUM OLEI EMPORIUM). This prize is awarded by Spain’s olive grove association (which is in fact the only such association in the world). It was established specifically to recognise the prestige and quality of the olives that come from this hundred-year-old olive grove, whose flavour, aroma and sensory properties are unparalleled. There are many factors that influence the quality of olive oil, but in this little pocket of country, all of them come together in the perfect combination.

Our olive oil is bottled on a daily basis

We do not store bottled olive oil; our olive oils are bottled according to the orders we receive on the day. Unlike olive oil that can be bought in supermarkets and department stores, our olive oil is kept in the olive press storerooms in perfect conditions, which ensure that they keep all of their flavour and health-giving properties.

We do not mix olive oils

There are dozens of brands that mislabel their olive oil as extra virgin. In fact, they are selling a cocktail of olive oil from different sources, combining better oils (an attempted injection of flavour and quality) with the worst oils (to make up the volume). We do not mix our olive oil. Furthermore, we only select those oils that have undergone exhaustive testing with regard to quality, which is mainly determined by percentage oil yield and acidity. We visit every olive grove to check the harvesting process and every olive press to check the production process, laboratory controls and storage conditions.

Our mission

Our primary goal is very simple: YOU! Forging life-long relationships and ensuring that you are 100% satisfied: this is at the forefront of our minds and is what guides each step we take, however small the step may be.

Our secondary goal is almost a dream: to reassert the value of our Spanish gold, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Millions of tonnes of Spanish oil is exported at deplorable prices to the rest of the world, to be mixed with dubiously sourced olive oil and bottled with other brands, losing its quality and properties and, ultimately, being resold at ten times the price. It’s time to introduce the world to the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which deserves capital letters!

Thank you

We can’t sign off without saying thank you, because with each purchase, you bring the realisation of this dream a little closer. We are convinced that in 15 to 20 years, we will all be able to say with pride that we made the dream a reality. Thank you!