Authentique Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Farmer, a world of new and awesome sensations

One lucky participant in Mi Oliva Gourmet Club‘s 2nd prize draw has just won 15 bottles of Extra Virgin olive oil!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to participate. Your opinion is so important to us and helps us to improve every day. This is how we continue to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil, adapting it to your tastes 😉

Secondly, we would like to explain how the process worked, for more transparency:

  1. After closing the window for customer participation where customers entered the draw and left a review, we took the list of email addresses and transferred it to Excel.
  2. In Excel, we eliminated any duplicated email addresses and from the resulting list, we took only the username, without the domain. For example, from the email address «», we took «username».
  3. We checked that there were no shared usernames. It would have been unusual, but there could have been one participant at and another participant at This time, we were lucky enough not to have any shared usernames.
  4. We created the draw using a random generator platform; in this case, we chose, a platform that guarantees a fair draw. We uploaded the list of usernames and published the resulting draw. So as always, your privacy is completely secure!

Here is the result that the platform produced for the winner of the 15 bottles of extra virgin olive oil!

Prize Draw Result:

  • 15 Bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

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Our sincerest congratulations to mariclo1! We hope that you will soon be enjoying this exquisite extra virgin olive oil and we will contact you shortly to ask for your delivery information. And to all the other participants, keep an eye on your emails! We are really grateful for your participation, and even though it wasn’t to be, it’s our official opinion that you deserve a very special discount instead 😉

Leave a comment below! And see you soon!

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