Prize Draw Conditions – “Your opinion is very important to us!”

1) Administrator

The prize draw is organised by Mi Oliva Gourmet, the online shop for the business MI OLIVA GOURMET SUR SL, based at Calle Ferroviarios 41, Puente Genil, Córdoba and CIF B56069024.

2) Dissociation from Facebook

Facebook does not sponsor, support or administrate this offer in any way, nor is it in any way associated. The user participates in total separation from Facebook and is aware that that they are giving information to Mi Oliva Gourmet and not to Facebook. The information that they provide will be used to manage the competitor’s participation in the competition, to contact them about the prize if they win, and to register them with the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club.

3) Prize draw objectives and process

All members of the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club will be able to participate in the prize draw provided they are still Club members on the day of the prize draw, and provided they fill out the questionnaire on extra virgin olive oil published online here: The prize draw is conducted via an application belonging to which includes random generation in its list of functions. By using this application, the transparency of the prize draw is guaranteed.

4) Duration and range

The activity will be carried out within the geographical zone of Spain. The delivery address for the prize is to be within Peninsular Spain, excepting the case where the winner wishes it to be sent outside of Peninsular Spain, within the boundaries of the European Economic Community, and pays the corresponding delivery costs.

5) Participation requirements

To participate in this offer, the individual must:

  • Be over 18.
  • Be resident in Spain.
  • Be a member of Mi Oliva Gourmet Club.
  • Have filled out the questionnaire and provided a valid email address.

Individuals who may not participate:

  • Business employees of MI OLIVA GOURMET SUR SL.

6) Selection of the winner, substitute winners, contact and delivery

In the case where the selected winner does not fulfil the conditions established above or does not wish to receive the price, the prize draw will be conducted a second time. Likewise, if we are still unable contact the winner fourteen days after the first attempted contact, or if the winner renounces the prize, we will proceed to select a new winner, and the previous winner will immediately lose their right to claim the prize. Also, the name of the winner will be communicated via the email addresses provided in the questionnaire, within 24 hours of the conclusion of the promotion.

The business will send the prize directly to the winner, using the information provided by this individual.

The prize will be sent to the address indicated by the winner by courier service, with delivery costs paid for by the business, excepting the aforementioned cases.

7) Prize

The prize will be a box of 15 bottles of extra virgin olive oil, of the Monte Olivos brand.

8) Reservations and constraints

It is understood that fraud would have occurred, for example but not limited to, upon detection of the alleged use of applications independent from the Website; an abuse of database server consultation; and any behaviour that seemingly constitutes abuses and/or malicious acts. The confirmation of any of these circumstances during the prize draw will entail the automatic invalidation of the prize draw as well as the removal of the prize had it been awarded.

The business remains exempted from any responsibility for the possibility of an error in the information provided by a participant that impedes their identification. Also, the business is not responsible for the possible loss, invalidation, or robbery of email addresses, or any other relevant circumstance, that could affect the delivery of the prize.

The business reserves the right to take legal action against any individual who commits any sort of act that could be construed as a manipulation or falsification of the prize draw.

The business is exempted from any responsibility for damages of any kind that may be due to the temporary lack of availability or halted function of services by which individuals may participate in the offer; to operational failure that users could attribute to themselves; and in particular but not limited to, failure in access to the different web pages and in the submission of participation entries over the internet.

The business reserves the right to effect changes that result in the satisfactory conduction of the prize draw, in the case that a justified cause or force majeure prevent it from being fulfilled according to the rules currently outlined.

The business reserves the right to postpone or extend the period of the prize draw, as well as the power to interpret its current legal regulations.

Furthermore, the organising business will remain exempted from all responsibility should one of the identified cases come to pass, and from the responsibility for damages incurred during the receipt and use of the prize.

9) Data protection

The information provided by the participants will be treated confidentially and compiled into a computerised personal data file, with the business MI OLIVA GOURMET SUR SL being the owner of and responsible party for this file, based in Calle Ferroviarios 41, Puente Genil, Córdoba, whose purpose will be the management of the current prize draw (and the distribution of commercial information that could be of interest).

The business guarantees full compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on Personal Data Protection in its treatment of the personal data collected for the current prize draw, with particular consideration for the competitors’ personal data rights of information, access, amendment, opposition and cancellation.

10) Acceptance of the regulations

Participation in the prize draw implies acceptance of the current regulations, for which reason the decision on behalf of a participant not to accept all or part of the regulations will lead to the exclusion of the participant and, as such, the business will be liberated of its contracted obligations to this participant.







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