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The delivery time to whole Europe will be a maximum of 7 business days, although normally if everything is correct, arrive earlier.

Delivery costs are calculated according to the weight of the product, the total cost of the shopping basket and the delivery address. The delivery cost will not be displayed until the customer selects a delivery address. (The address provided upon subscription or the last address used will be set by default.) Whatever the case, the Consumer will always be able to view the cost before initialising payment, and no additional costs will ever be charged after the order has been placed.

Delivery costs will be charged to the buyer, and may be free for certain products, geographical locations and order quantities. Whatever the case, delivery costs will be displayed throughout the purchasing process and the buyer will have the opportunity to revise these costs before effecting payment.

Mi Oliva Gourmet is not responsible for the delayed delivery of orders when the delay is not directly attributable to us, in instances of accident or in situations beyond our control. Orders will be delivered to the delivery address as designated by the Consumer. Mi Oliva Gourmet will not assume responsibility for failures in product delivery which occur as a result of the inaccuracy or invalidity of information provided by the Consumer to this effect, nor in instances where the delivery cannot proceed for reasons unrelated to Mi Oliva Gourmet, such as the absence of the addressee from the delivery address.

In the case where the addressee is absent, and wherever possible, a note will be left with the information necessary for the Consumer to decide upon a new delivery arrangement or to come and collect the product from a specified location. In both cases, if 7 days have passed since the last attempt of delivery without subsequent success of delivery, the order will be returned to its source, and we will proceed to rescind the contract.

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