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Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Monte Olivo. Special batch of 5 unfiltered litres + 10 filtered litres.



This special batch includes 1 x 5 litre bottle of unfiltered olive oil and 2 x 5 litre bottles of filtered olive oil, so that you can enjoy both combinations of flavour and texture from this exquisite olive oil.

Monte Olivos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in the traditional way, starting with the olive harvest. Unfiltered olive oil has a unique flavour because of its intensity, making it perfect for raw use. This olive oil has a darker colour and may contain natural residue, which is due to the natural decantation of the olive oil.

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7 reviews for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Monte Olivo. Special batch of 5 unfiltered litres + 10 filtered litres.

  1. Fernanda

    Muy buena calidad.

  2. Rosa

    Aceite de gran calidad. 100% recomendable

  3. Julián

    Un aceite excelente, muy afrutado sin acidez, ideal para ensaladas y tostadas con aceite. Lo uso a diario para cocinar y los guisos salen mucho más sabrosos. El pisto me queda cojonudo.

  4. Maite

    Está buenísimo. Con un sabor afrutado que tomado sobre todo con pan esta buenísimo.
    Lo utilizo para todo. Pero sobre todo en crudo.

  5. Rafa

    Sabor intenso con toque picante, muy especial. Una compra muy satisfactoria a muy buen precio. El pedido me llegó al día siguiente y el servicio es muy atento. Si, lo recomiendo de verdad!

  6. Olga

    No conocía este aceite y me lance a comprarlo por su muy buen precio y ha sido una fantástica sorpresa. Muy muy bueno. Con el normal cocino y la comida esta mucho más rica. El sin filtrar lo uso en crudo está delicioso!

  7. Paco

    Me ha encantado este aceite, fabuloso, y el lote esta muy bien porque utilizo el sin filtrar para ensaladas y desayunos y el filtrado para freir, que le da un sabor a los fritos maravilloso. muchas gracias a oliva gourmet

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Monte Olivos – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Special Batch 3x5000ml

The 5000ml container, with a handle on top, makes it easy to fill smaller bottles. We recommend also buying the pack of 500ml bottles, which are refillable and can be used directly for table service. That way, diners can enjoy reading the description on the label and appreciate the origin and name behind this exquisite olive oil.

Monte Olivos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our favourite olive oils. It’s an absolute kitchen staple, essential for enhancing everyday dishes and adding a unique taste. Its both delicate and intense flavour also makes it perfect for eating raw, on toast, in salads, complementing a mature cheese, etc.

It is mainly produced from the Hojiblanca olive variety, typical of the Puente Genil countryside. From harvest to juice extraction in less than 24 hours, all techniques involved are either by hand or mechanical. Following this, the olive oil is stored in optimal conditions in the storeroom until it is bottled, which ensures that it keeps all of its flavour, properties and intensity.


Rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants, this oil is excellent for your health when incorporated into your daily diet. It is a unique oil, well-balanced and sweet on the palate while infused with slightly bitter and peppery tones.

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Dimensions402 × 151 × 363 cm


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Plastic (PET)

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