Codegenil Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In Codegenil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hojiblanca olives are the main variety used. To make this excellent olive oil, they are carefully selected at the time of harvesting according to their stage of ripeness and quality. Produced by one of the most prestigious and traditional cooperatives in Spain. Our verdict: high quality and intense flavour. Don’t be fooled by its quaint facade!

Harvest 2017/2018

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Why buy Codegenil Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Codegenil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Cooperative of the Desamparados, founded in 1958 in the Puente Genil region. It doesn’t have a very commercial feel, but the cooperative’s olive press is actually number one in Spain for its pressing capacity, with a maximum production of 36 million kilos of olives.

This olive oil is produced with Hojiblanca olives that are carefully selected according to their quality. The production process begins in the countryside with a painstaking selection of the olives from the trees according to their stage of ripeness. The pressing is done on the same day as the harvest to obtain an extra virgin olive oil with maximum sensory qualities (flavour and aroma).

Don’t miss your chance to buy this extra virgin olive oil; taste one of the oldest and most traditional olive varieties in Spain!


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Material del envase

Plastic (PET)


Pack of 15 x 1 litre bottles, Pack with 3 bottles of 5 liters