A Gourmet Oil has many characteristics that make it so much better than the rest, but today we would like to outline the 3 differences between Gourmet Oil and other Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


What do we really mean by Gourmett Oil?

The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) defines Gourmet as:

A person with exquisite tastes in food and drink

Therefore, Gourmet Oil could be defined as Extra Virgin Olive Oil for people with exquisite tastes.

What makes Gourmet Oil different from the rest?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is already a quality product in itself.

So, how do we get our hands on an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that satisfies the most demanding palates?

The secret is in the production method.

We decided to speak to Miguel Morales, the true creator of Prima Mensa who told us all about achieving a Gourmet Oil on the same level as some of the best Olive Oils in the world.

According to Migue, as his closest friends call him, the production method requires a great deal of involvement over a long period of time. Not everyone can produce such a pure oil. Below I will outline the 3 key differencess that set a Gourmet Oil apart.

The harvest

According to Migue, the most important factor is knowing when exactly to harvest the Olives: If the olives are harvested too early, they will not taste like oil and they will be used for nothing more than an appetizer at Chrismas dinners. On the other hand, if I let them ripen long enough, they will turn almost black, and they will produce much more oil than if they had been harvested earlier. But this will will still not achieve the quality that I expect of my oil.

So, you may be asking yourself what I also asked Migue… when is the best time to harvest them?

It seems impossible to get it perfect… I must admit, it is complicated, even usettling at times, but it is not impossible.

I need to pay close attention to the evolution of the olives to know the perfect moment to havest them, even before they are ripe. And if we do it correctly, the result will be a very good product, I can assure you.

The Olive selection

The second aspect that sets Gourmet Oil apart is the Olive. Not all of them are right for making exquisite Oil.

Even within the same olive grove, there are olives with a lot more matrices compared to the others. The age of the trees is also important.

In Migue’s words, in order to produce Prima Mensa, I choose the best Hojiblanca Olives in the best area of our Olive Grove. These Olives make an Oil with a unique flavour, that our family has cared for with a lot of love, for several generations.

The grinding, packaging and conservation

The third biggest difference between a Gourmet Oil isn’t related to the Olive Grove, it takes place in the Mills at the hands of the Mill Master.

Once the Olives have been picked, to obtain the juice, they are taken to the Mill, where the Mill Master is in charge of supervisig the whole production process of the Oil.

A Gourmet Oil is obtained by cold pressing. This process guaratees that the olive retains all of its flavours and matrices, and that it remains pure after collection. Once the juice has been extracted, the Oil needs to be filtered, completely or partially, depending on the case. Migue and his family have always enjoyed unfiltered oil (though it is actually partially filtered). Other prefer filtered Oil.

If over time an Oil isn’t preserved well, it can deteriorate (excessive esposure to light, not being well packaged, etc). The Cellar is thus a key factor for making Gourmet Oil. Right now you are probably thinking…

Great, I know the 3 differences between Gourmet Oil and other Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but when I search for it online, nothing appears!

Indeed, there is no way of knowing at first glance. You need to know the story behind the Oil, how and by who it is producued. But those aren’t the only things tha make it different, unique, exquisite, exclusive…

I hope that all this information has clarified things a little.

I know the feeling of disappointment when you buy a quality oil and it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

For this reason, I would like to introduce you to something that will fully meet your expectations: Prima Mensa.

Why is Prima Mensa different?

As you have seen, the production of Prima Mensa consists in the exclusive use of hojiblanca olives, typical of the Puente Genil area, selected by hand, collected when they are perfectly ripe and produced and stored with care.

There is no other way of knowing. You need to know the History behind Prima Mensa.

Ricardo, Migue’s brother, told us an anecdote that we would now like to share with you:

It happened one day when decided to go to an olive oil tasting event in Córdoba. We decided to bring along our Oil, Prima Mensa, to publicise it. Here you could find some of the most famous and loved oils from all over Spain, and some jewels known to oil connoiseurs. All of these oils had been awarded many prizes and have a great reputation. To the amazement of everyone, the oil that we had brought from our own harvest was a success, and according to the people that attended, it was one of the best oils on offer.

You can also check out what our clients think about our oil, because Prima Mensa is unforgettable to everyone that tries it

Prima Mensa is not only an oil, it is the product of all those memories, smells and tastes that make us feel like we live in the best place in the world for enjoying olive oil.

If you would like to find out more about Prima mensa and its story, click on the link below:

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