Pre-order Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered Estirpe – Early harvest


Pre-order Early Harvest is New! The authentic “GREEN GOLD” of the New Campaign 2020/21. Limited production, don’t miss out on trying it!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered Early Harvest is the great novelty of this year!Its name “Oro Verde” comes from its intense green color, since it is obtained from an olive that is collected very early in the season. This Olive is normally dedicated to table olives. It is with these olives that Migue has decided to make this Oil with a very intense flavor and color, only for true lovers of the purest Olive Oil.

It is an unfiltered oil, mixture of Hojiblanca, and Alberquina varieties. So, dregs can occur over time. Keep it protected at all times from light and heat.

El Olivar de San Miguel, surprises us again with a unique Oil, very intense, exquisite and delicious, with characteristic nuances of the Oil of yesteryear, which our grandparents and their ancestors took.

Reserve now (limited production) and receive it freshly picked! By the end of october.
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Why buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Strain Early Harvest
Here you can buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest, a unique oil, for its color, flavor and, above all, for its qualities. The production of this oil is limited, now I will explain why;)

In the first place, it is an unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that is, a short decantation process is carried out, which conserves some suspended particles from the olive vulva itself, which enhances its flavor.

Its flavor is very intense, typical of the olive still green, or also called, green olive. This olive is usually dedicated to table olives, not because its oil juice is not appropriate, conversely, this olive juice has more beneficial properties. The reason is that the yield is very low, around 5%, that is, it takes about 22 kilos of olives to produce only 1 liter of oil. To slightly soften its intensity, Migue contributes to the mix around 20% of Estirpe, which it keeps as “gold in cloth” in its Almazara.

For this reason, farmers do not usually make oil with this type of olive. They do not find it profitable. To produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they wait for the Olive to be very ripe, to obtain yields of around 22-25%.

It is a very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an intense green color and a unique and intense flavor. That characteristic green color has given him the pseudonym “green gold”.

Its acidity level is less than 0.2%, which means that it has a high concentration of polyphenols, oleic acid, and natural antioxidants, which are the ones that produce great health benefits.

As we explained at the beginning, when proceeding from a green olive, it better preserves all its properties that are so beneficial to health.

The drawback is that its production is very limited, since the yield is very low. Olives are used which, due to their size, are not usually used for table olives and which, however, for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are a real delicacy!

Do not forget to try this Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest, it is a unique experience.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Superior category Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.

Material del envase

Glass, Plastic (PET)

Conditions of conservation

Keep in a cool and dry place and it is recommended to protect it from direct sunlight


1 x 5 litre bottle, Box with 4 bottles of 500ml, Pack of 2 x 2 litre bottles, Pack of 2 x 5 litre bottles, Pack of 3 x 5 litre bottles, Pack of 4 x 2 litre bottles, Pack of 6 x 2 litre bottles, Pack of 8 x 2 litre bottles

Fabricado y Envasado por:

Coop. Vitivinícola La Purísima SCA


Ctra. Aguilar S/N 14500 Puente Genil, Córdoba, España



Información nutricional (100g)

Fats 100g, of which Saturated 13g. Carbohydrates (and sugars) 0g. Proteins 0g. Salt 0g.