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Mi Oliva Gourmet is not just an online shop for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but also a team of people who bring together the knowledge of 3 generations of farmers and the capacity to innovate through a shared passion for genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each year, the olive oil is produced as has been done for thousands of years, by tending to the olives, from which we extract the Az-zait, as it is called in Arab culture, or olive juice. It is the only vegetable oil that can be eaten raw, without being treated by chemical refinement.

Our team

Miguel Morales Chacón, aka “Migue”, unifies the family tradition of his father and grandfather. He grew up running through the olive groves of the San Miguel farmstead and is in love with the land and the Puente Genil olive grove. He is, without a doubt, our most critical and demanding member.

Ricardo Morales Chacón, aka “Richard”, more than 30 years devoted to the business world, but with deep roots in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a great taste for it too. His extensive experience brings the professionalism and rigour necessary to make Mi Oliva Gourmet a confident and proficient company.

Julio César de la Vega, aka “Julito”, is passionate about new technology and is responsible for the whole system running perfectly. He makes sure that the shop is secure and performing with 100% success, from the moment you place your order to the moment you receive it at home: a full and flawless logistical chain.

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Alongside Miguel, Ricardo and Julio is a team of more than ten people serving you in different fields: Jose, whose job is making sure the numbers add up; Laura, always ready to help and just a phone call away; Sara, Antonio and Luis, ensuring you receive your olive oil on time. The Number Studios team, every day helping us to navigate the complicated world of the internet; Jose María and his team of creatives, whose ideas inspire us again and again; and of course, our beloved farmers, the true heartbeat of the company, who make it possible for us to enjoy the best Olive Oil at our own dining tables.

If you’d like to know a bit more about us and our online Extra Virgin Olive Oil shop, have a read of: What makes us different?

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